Self Managed Dedicated Server 16 Core / 128 GB HDD

- AMD EPYC™ 7351P
- 16C/32T – 2.9 GHz Turbo
- 128 GB DDR4 RAM
- 2 x 8 TB HDD Storage (RAID-1)

*Disk space includes operating system files, which can be close to 24 GB on a Windows server. Please take that into consideration when choosing a server size that best fits your needs.

**SSL certificate is included for free as part of your dedicated server product. If you cancel the dedicated server product, you will lose the associated SSL certificate as well.

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₹ 27,359.00

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    Storage 2 x 8 TB HDD(RAID-1)
    RAM 128 GB DDR4
    16C/32T – 2.9 GHz Turbo Yes
    AMD EPYC™ 7351P Yes

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